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Barış Önal

Barış Önal was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1984.  He started studying at Anadolu University in 2001. At the same years he opened his own business on IT Industry.  After 2,5 years, he started working in USA based Confida Consulting Inc. as a Graphical Programmer. In this company, he worked in the CIS (Client Intelligent System) project and he developed some data visualization components by using Actionscript and JRUN. After then 1,5 years, he started working for Canada based digital advertisement agency and he developed and managed interactive projects during 2,5 years. He continued his career in a Befunky – Online Photo Editing company and he worked as a Sr. Interactive Developer in the Befunky project. 

Barış Önal managed and developed Kinect Interactive Shop Window project which is supported by Intel®, and Microsoft in Germany.  At the same time, he managed and developed EMS (Event Management System) project which is currently used by hotels such as HiltonHyatt Regency

He worked in – Online Doctor Appointment project as Chief Technology Officer and was working on the special high technology projects for digital agencies in Canada, United Kingdom and Turkey. 

Barış is the founder and one of the partners of Kroppa Digital Agency. Barış is also exclusive photographer of iStockphoto™.